How I can help: 

If you like what you see on my pages, and dig my vibe, I would love to help you with your home. I work in several ways, and can customize a package that fits your needs if you don’t see one here that works for you.


    This is if you need a “temporary” set of design eyes.

    Examples: If you need advise on how best use of the things you have on hand, you need help coordinating, picking and ordering new furniture, lighting or wallpaper for your home. (Designer For A Day clients are eligible for “cost plus” discounted pricing on furniture and lighting through my showroom) For the price of the designer of a day fee, you will absolutely end up saving a BUNCH on your furnishings and lighting. Furthermore, you will have a trained design eye on hand to help measure your space, make choices and to insure you make smart financial choices that also LOOK GOOD!

    What you get: You get me for a day, we can tackle any and all that you need during that time period. (This option comes with a flat fee pricing strategy, so you know up front what you are getting into) Let’s talk through how this package will actually SAVE you $…. If you go to purchase, for example, a sofa online, you may spend, let’s just say, $1500. As a designer, I can get “that sofa” (light/wallpaper/rug…) for wholesale cost… that’s usually less than half of any price you are able to see published. I do add a pre-determined markup for profit, but the price I can get you is still well below any price you can find online. Add in multiple pieces and the savings are compounded. I’ve worked with clients on lighting schedules for their home that have priced out their lights online and saved many thousands this way. Furthermore, by using a designer, you are going to get a piece that fits, the space and looks good in it! It’s so worth having an experienced designer help for so many reasons!


    I can partner with a contractor (I have local ones I love to work with and recommend) or work with one you already have. We work together handling your renovations top to bottom. The contractor and I work in tandem to give your home the structure and the finishes you desire. My job in this type of situation is help with picking finishes: stone/tile/carpet/lighting/furniture/flooring/paint/millwork/cabinetry and so on and making sure the contractor has all they need to have them installed properly. The contractor handles all subs and getting the actual changes done to your space.


    If you are looking to refresh or re-do a specific room, I would love to come up with a design scheme for the room based on your taste and budget. I will assess your needs, come up with a design scheme for your space, present it to you (make any needed or desired changes) once you approve it, I’ll make it a reality for you. All design clients are able to purchase through my trade accounts at a small percent above wholesale cost, saving a great deal! Using a designer can usually saves you money! Don’t pay more than necessary.


    The distance between us got you down? Don’t fret… I can create a room for you from afar! I get measurements and pictures of the space from you, then I present a to scale room layout and design board (fabrics, wallpapers, lighting, furniture, rugs art and all) along with an easy to follow shopping list and simple instructions on how to implement the design.


    Stuck in the wrong decade? Getting ready to build? Ready to refresh your whole home? Let’s meet, discuss your needs, timeframe, budget and plan. After our initial meeting, I’ll come up with a scheme/plan for your project, that fits your design aesthetic, present it to you, and if you like what you see, and you approve the project, we can get started on making your project a reality. If subs are needed for any remodeling, I can help handle that too!


    If you know what you want, but just need help in sourcing and implementing your own ideas, my consultant package is best for you.

    This is also a good option for clients who need someone to come out and “fluff” prior to visitors or a party, to style bookshelves, hang a gallery of art or add in finishing decorative touches. This is a flat fee package and gives you a block of my time helping you in whatever way you see fit. A discounted hourly fee, beyond your hour block, is added on if you need further help beyond your initial block.


    If you need me on an ongoing basis because you want to tackle a bit of something each month for budgeting reasons, we can come up with a monthly design block that suits your budget and needs to spread out your project. Not everyone can do everything at once! This way, you have a designer on hand to help them with scheme, purchasing, & implementing design as you work through your home.

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Color Consultation:

Color can be tricky... and intimidating...and overwhelming.  If you are looking for a color scheme for your home and are feeling stuck, or indecisive, I can help.    I offer whole home paint schedules for your painters, or for mine.

Price depends on size of home, and variety/quantity of colors needed.  Please message for a quote on handling your project.