Home Update - Adding Curb Appeal and Interior Updates

We were in a time crunch when we purchased our home.  We had x amount of days to be out of our previous home which sold, and the market was looking bleak.  We finally narrowed down where we wanted to live and looked at pretty much everything on the market, and nothing suited. Things quickly sold in this neighborhood and we sometimes couldn't see the house before it was under contract.  So, we realized, if we wanted to be in our top pick neighborhood, we might have to settle on the house, just to get the hood.  So, each day, we were alerted when a house hit the market in the top pick neighborhood.  We would try to get to see the house before everyone else did, and finally, after missing some, it happened!  (Thanks to our awesome Realtor, Marshall Jordan) We were the first showing, and that meant we at least had the opportunity to get into the neighborhood, which was rare.  So.... we decided, if we could handle it when we walked through, we would take it, despite what aesthetics may be.   This house met the major needs, and so we made an offer and got the house.  We were happy because 1) It was in the neighborhood we wanted 2) It had enough bedrooms and that was pretty much all we required at this juncture.  

First things to change were the interior colors and light fixtures (more details on interior updates in another post).  The interior was tan throughout, which my personal aesthetic didn't support.  My previous house was white throughout, and I loved that, but I wanted a bit of color, so I picked good ole reliable gray.  I had Sherwin Williams mix up a custom color that I love.  The ceiling was a tweak on a SW popular blue.  Doors and cabinets were colors by SW, as well.  We knew our next step would be changing the exterior color as well, and we again went with SW, again a custom.

Color Pallet: 






 Looking to do something like this       outside near the front door.

Looking to do something like this       outside near the front door.

The exterior is still not complete.  We will be adding in finishing touches, adding awnings in specific places as well as a new deck with courtyard and some landscaping.  Interior is ever-changing because that's just who I am- nothing is guaranteed to stay inside this house for good, except a few of my favorite pieces and my family....if they choose to stick around!