One Room Challenge- Guest Participant - Week 3

This week was a hectic one for the ORC because I was at High Point most of the week. (To catch up to this point, read Week 1 and Week 2 for prior news.) While at market, I did find a big piece of artwork that is now going to be a part of my room- one of the parts I am now most excited about.  We'll just start right there... 

One of my favorite showrooms at High Point is Design Legacy.  It is always full of inspiring color, pattern and a funky, energetic vibe.  I LOVE it.  It's always top of my list.  Artist, and brain child behind Design Legacy,  Kelly O'Neal always has stacks of his ready to stretch paintings on hand, and you can grab and go.  I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this piece, and I knew it was right for the  ORC space.  I'm going to try to mount it on fabric, and see how it goes.  I'm only giving a peek of it, and I'll share the whole thing at the reveal.  


While I was away, Jackson, of Brees Mantles was busy finishing up our mantle surround.  Let me just tell you this company is top notch.  They were attentive, punctual, detailed and skilled.  I would not think of using anyone else for this type of work.  It's hard to find this kind of work ethic anymore, but they are a shining example of how it should be done!  Here is a picture of the mantle surround unfinished.  Paint will begin soon... as soon as I pick a color!  


Trucking right along... Lighting.  My budget for lighting was small, and therefore I have some small lights coming in.  Seriously though, I didn't want the lighting to be the focus in here.  We have low ceilings and I'd prefer visitors not be drawn to that fact upon entering.  I opted for some hand made pieces off ETSY. When people do take note of the fixtures though, they will note they are pretty darn cool.  They are by Mod Creations.  Many of my fixtures in this house are made by artisans, and I wanted to keep it up.  Knowing someone put in time and effort to make the lighting just makes it better.  I'm using a pair of brass mid-century style lights that will give a bit of a modern touch to the room.  


Still to do: 

Rug - find

Paint - pick, and then paint

Mural - install

Furniture - pick up from upholsterer 

art - get framed 

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Proud to be a Guest Participant: 



Until Next Week...