One Room Challenge - Fall '17 - Guest Participant - Week 2

Week Two???? Seriously... out of how many?  YIKES! 


Seriously, though.  I've gotten much more accomplished than I honestly thought I would.  I had a busy work week + kids out on fall break so we took a mini-vacay + early morning arrival at (YIPPEE!) High Point!!!  Other than that... things have just been chill.  

Here's what IS happening:  

I've placed some orders for items, sourced some art, and decor. I have two possible furniture layouts:

 I've gotten fabric, taken pieces that need to be upholstered to the shop. Found some pieces that were recently covered, and I'm feeling good about the timeline in that regard. 


I sent my custom curtain order in and I cannot wait to see them! I also had a mantel company come out to discuss plans for a mantle surround and sketch some ideas.  Brees Mantels rocks...  They came out, and took the time to REALLY understand my wishes.  He listened, measured, asked questions, took notes.  I don't know if I've ever had a man listen to my ideas quite so well (and I'm FULL of ideas)!  He was patient and I felt he really picked up what I was puttin' down.  

Here's the current mantle situation: 


Here's what I'm going for.... (color to be determined): 

 Photo pulled from  The Green Room Interiors  out of Tennessee... I love following her on  INSTAGRAM

Photo pulled from The Green Room Interiors out of Tennessee... I love following her on INSTAGRAM

So, lots of balls in the air right now, but they will be landing soon!

Here's what's NOT happening that I've got to jump on:  

No paint color... I'm in Gray mode, and I'm not sure if it's still the right choice, I'd like to try something bold.  I lean towards the navy/peacock/green colors, but feel that I want something a bit unique.  Pondering this still... fretting about it slightly.

No Rug:  Thought I had one, but didn't... Had one, didn't fit... Found another, colors didn't work.  Back to the drawing board.

No lighting:.  (maybe here at market). Why doesn't someone come out with a GREAT line of flush-mounts or semi-flushmounts in all styles?  I mean, think of all the 8' ceilings in this country begging for new lights!  Someone jump on that... um'kay? 

I know I haven't given you many details about my over all color scheme and plan.  There is a reason... I'm letting the design organically emerge- mostly.  I want to create a room that is sincere, rather than overthought and too planned aesthetically.  I'm going with the "if you love it, try it", "surround yourself with things you love" approach here. I am collecting things I love in colors I love and I'm hoping that my inner design compass won't fail me.  I wouldn't go this route with a client usually, but since it's a space I live in, I feel it's possibly worth the risk.  If it flops, well then... you know... 

I'm just going to think positively for now, and say it will work.  

GULP!  Livin' on the Edge!  

Here is a collage of some of the things I'm using in the room, do you see a distinctive style emerging that I haven't recognized yet? Wondering how I'm going to possibly make these things work together?  Yep... me too! ;) 


Make sure to go over to Calling It Home and follow all the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE projects underway.  It's all sponsored by House Beautiful Magazine.  You can also search the hashtag #oneroomchallenge on Instagram. There is some insanely cool stuff happening!

Thanks for following along!!! 



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