Home Update - Adding Curb Appeal and Interior Updates

We were in a time crunch when we purchased our home.  We had x amount of days to be out of our previous home which sold, and the market was looking bleak.  We finally narrowed down where we wanted to live and looked at pretty much everything on the market, and nothing suited. Things quickly sold in this neighborhood and we sometimes couldn't see the house before it was under contract.  So, we realized, if we wanted to be in our top pick neighborhood, we might have to settle on the house, just to get the hood.  So, each day, we were alerted when a house hit the market in the top pick neighborhood.  We would try to get to see the house before everyone else did, and finally, after missing some, it happened!  (Thanks to our awesome Realtor, Marshall Jordan) We were the first showing, and that meant we at least had the opportunity to get into the neighborhood, which was rare.  So.... we decided, if we could handle it when we walked through, we would take it, despite what aesthetics may be.   This house met the major needs, and so we made an offer and got the house.  We were happy because 1) It was in the neighborhood we wanted 2) It had enough bedrooms and that was pretty much all we required at this juncture.  

First things to change were the interior colors and light fixtures (more details on interior updates in another post).  The interior was tan throughout, which my personal aesthetic didn't support.  My previous house was white throughout, and I loved that, but I wanted a bit of color, so I picked good ole reliable gray.  I had Sherwin Williams mix up a custom color that I love.  The ceiling was a tweak on a SW popular blue.  Doors and cabinets were colors by SW, as well.  We knew our next step would be changing the exterior color as well, and we again went with SW, again a custom.

Color Pallet: 






Looking to do something like this       outside near the front door.

Looking to do something like this       outside near the front door.

The exterior is still not complete.  We will be adding in finishing touches, adding awnings in specific places as well as a new deck with courtyard and some landscaping.  Interior is ever-changing because that's just who I am- nothing is guaranteed to stay inside this house for good, except a few of my favorite pieces and my family....if they choose to stick around!   

Man's Study

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This project is for a super fun couple who has a great space for a study.

This space is more for the husband, he will be using the space as both a home office and a gathering spot for the guys when they visit.  He has a collection of Grateful Dead collectible stamps we are hanging along with his guitars.  He's got a great bar space and comfortable leather chairs for lounging.  It's coming together!

Links to purchase the pieces listed in the design (or similar) are located on my polyvore page HERE.



Draper style

Draper Chest bedroom:

Draper style

These Draper dressers inspired this e-design.  This one is a selfish board, because it is for me!  I found a draper chest at a local antique shop (knock-off, but still) and I am planning our master bedroom around it.  I have a greek key mirror, as shown, and some lamps that are similar.  We have been thinking about changing the headboard fabric, see previous


.  I love the snow leopard print and have been thinking of using it for the headboard with the draper chest.  I was thrilled to see that World Market offers this headboard already made!  Hooray for not having to purchase fabric and coordinate getting my headboard re-covered.


is the link for the headboard.  (I do not receive affiliate commission).

pic from worldmarket.com

Here is a picture that I love showing the draper chest that Domino published on Sally Wheat. You MUST read the whole article


. She's got MAD SKILLS.

 pic by domino

Can't or don't want to swing a draper chest, well, you can create your own using an IKEA chest and some elbow grease.  See the Ikea Hackers post about the process


.pic by ikeahackers

Same fabrics through the years...

Do you have bedding and curtains and so on that you just cannot afford to totally re-do?  Well, I do.  I have had this set for about 7 years.
Many of these fabrics have been around for a bit,  but they are still so relevant when used with newer pieces.  Brown and white is a combo that has been around in decorating and decor for hundreds of years.  The prints in these fabrics makes it fresh.   I think they have a few more years in them, and will easily be paired with the "it" color since they are neutrals.  Through the years, I have seen brown and white paired with aqua, pink, blue, lime green and is now being paired with oranges and hot pinks.  The trellis design is one that is pretty timeless, and I feel can be used a great deal longer.

Here is how we have updated this look through the years:
This was in 2010:

Much of this is the same, but for our newest home we tried to update it a bit...

Do you have a room you need to shake up?  I'm happy to help! 

~ Jenny


Virtaul or E-Design allows you to hire me to create or re-create a room for you from anywhere!  All you have to do is snap a picture for me of your space, provide your measurements and chat with me a bit about your ideas and the budget you have to make changes (no budget is too small).
After that, I create a design a design board for you, a room and furniture layout and a list of all the items you will purchase and place.  You will be provided links where you can easily purchase the items at your convenience.
It is just so simple!

This WHOLE process is for the extremely low
price of $150 complete!

All links are provided in one easy to follow
spreadsheet with clickable links for purchase.

A room sketch with exact furniture layout will be  included as well.


Don't know where to begin with updating your decor look?  Need help finding the pieces to pull a look together?  Have pieces you love, but feel unable to place them in the best arrangement?  Need help finding the right fabrics, paints, art or decor pieces?  Just don't have time to deal with it?

-  1+ hour Initial Consult:  $75
During this time I will come to your house and see what you have in mind.  We will chat about your favorite looks, colors, your overall design budget what you'd like to accomplish within that budget. After the initial consultation.
   From there, you can hire me to do the work for you  (design, purchase, and place) by the hour,  or, you can decide to implement the work yourself with one of my virtual e-designs which is created for a reasonable flat fee.

I make it easy for you, and am happy to work with any budget.

I'm looking forward to helping you!
email me: jennykramer08@yahoo.com
or text/call: 251-454-6109

Favorite pink and blue pieces

Favorite pink and blue pieces
Above are some of my very favorite colors! Blue and pink together make things feel cool, clean and fresh! Like a nice breeze!
I love the textures in these pieces, both visually and asthetically.  I would also add in a great grey or even pink sofa to the mix.  A nice wooden coffee table would ground the design.
It would also work in a bedroom just as easily.
Here are some other applications I've done of pink/blue.

Thanks for visiting! 

Jenny Kramer

Boho Bedroom starting with the linens

My mother had CLOSETS full of linens.  She raised me antiquing and instilled a strong love for all things beautiful.  As we scoured antique haunts she would find a set of embroidered pillowcases
 or a stack of hand monogrammed napkins and become short of breath over it!  I learned to admire and respect the time that was put into linens.  Displaying a monogrammed linen in the home is expected decor in the South.  You've gotta show your letters!

For this Boho Bedroom look, I started with the linens and then developed the rest of the look around them.  An amazing set of sheets is the foundation of any bedroom, the rest is just decor! ;)
It's amazing all the ways you can go with these sheets at the basis for a design.
I decided to explore a funky, boho look for what would usually been seen as a classic look...


 Tempo Sheeting Collection by Peacock Alley
Peacock Alley's Temp Collection gives an updated greek key look.... and talk about amazing feel!  This set of sheets will be what you think about during the day, when you are running around town.  They will greet you with a luxurious feel and a crisp touch! Pair this set of sheets with a bold pair of leopard pillows for a modern boho look.

Maybe even throw down a vintage crazy quilt folded at the base of the bed to give it a true one of a kind look.
Add in some warm gold touches in framing and a big starburst mirror.  Layer it all on top of a bold, warm rug and add some pops of solid color and you are ready to be a rock star!