Furniture for order

Did you know you can set up a time to meet with me to go through design catalogs and place orders for furniture, lighting and decor?  You don't have to wait for me to bring a special piece into the Jenny Kramer Decor booth, we can order something especially for you!  I promise I can get pieces for you at prices you will be thrilled about! 

Here are some of the newest pieces I love from furniture and lighting companies I work with...

email me to set an appointment! 

One Room Challenge - Guest participant - Room Reveal

Can you see me?  Can you see me here in this bright room doing my happy dance... gettin' down with excitement?!  I am.  I'm gettin' down!

 I'm really happy with the final space.  It's comfortable, eclectic, layered, bright and cheerful and collected.  It's full of art, meaningful objects and it's livable for my family and our dog.  Everything in here was found on a budget, only a couple of pieces were at regular retail.  95% was sourced through estate sales, auctions, Facebook swap and sale sites, hand me downs, gifts or at some sort of a discount.  YAY for saving money.  Saving money means that when my children or dog "live" in the space, they can actually live, and that was the whole reason I tackled this room.  

Let's just cut to the chase... 

Those pictures give a good "overall" feel for the entire space.  Here are some more: 

As you can see... I love vintage and antiques and as an antiques/vintage and furniture dealer, I love the hunt for a treasure.  I truly feel mixing in antiques and vintage pieces, as well as original art, is a crucial part of design work.  It gives the feel of a space that evolved over time, piece by piece, collected, cherished and loved.  Mixing old and new makes each clients space look original and not just like their neighbors. They make a space unique and interesting.  Conversations in these types of spaces drift to discussions of travel, art, history and memories - the pieces are the catalyst for those meaningful interactions.  The pieces have a story, the discussions create connections and memories themselves.

Last night I posted on Instagram about the One Room Challenge process and the room itself, and I'll restate it here:

Yep... I’d say this room is a fair representation of me.... complex, layered, busy, eclectic, wild and quirky, a wee bit rebellious, but grounded with traditional roots. Self expression wasn’t the goal when I started this challenge, but I explored and then exposed myself a bit through this process. Decorating and creating a space is my sole form of creative expression- I am a creative soul with no real creative talents- so, I exercise my creative muscles through decorating jobs. Usually I’m expressing clients personalty, but this was my space. As I sit here and reflect on it, I see things I love, from people I love. Collected and precious. I replay memories and visit experiences through these things that surround me, and while the space isn’t for everyone, the Kramers are fans. I’m comfortable and inspired in the space and am feeling thankful for taking a risk and jumping in.

Here are some references to places to find similar pieces and links to where I found my pieces.

My favorite local shops for treasures are The Rock House Antiques (where I have a retail space), Cottage Grove Vintage , Scotts Antique Market, Chairish and Artifacts Greenville.  Local estate sales, craigslist, Facebook swap groups (shout out to my Fickle Greenville group where I have truly furnished most of my house!!!), flea markets and thrift shops are my biggest source.  

Dorothy Draper Syle Chest:  Cottage Grove Vintage

Vintage Henredon 9 drawer chest:  K&K Collective at The Rock House Antiques

Vintage Greek Key Chairs:  estate sale ($48 dollars for the pair, recovered in navy Velvet from Mansure & Co.

Period Secretary:  estate sale ($220)

Velvet Sofa:  purchased from a friend of a friend (second hand)


Coffee Table:  Estate Sale

Custom Mantle & Fireplace Surround:  Brees Mantles

Side Tables:  K&K Collective The Rock House Antiques

Vintage Lamps: The Lamp Lady Atlanta 

Pillows (most of them, as well as the long custom lumbar):  Wheaton Whaley Designs 

Art above mantle, custom piece:  S. Farrar Fine Art  

Abstract above Chest:  Kelly O'Neal of Design Legacy 

Leopard Fabric behind abstract:  Design Legacy

Framing of art:  Laurel Creek Framing 

Lamp Tassels:  The Recycled Turkey

Diptych on Secretary Doors:  Chairish by Kate Roebuck  

Blue & White:  K&K Collective (link above)

Fun Pleated lampshade:

Pagoda Mirror:  Parker Kennedy Living 

Silk Drapes: 

Eagle Sconces and many of my unusual one of a kind art and collectible pieces: Artifacts Greenville 

Opaline:  The Firestation Guy

Overhead Lighting:  Mod Creation Studio  

Most everything else:  (of course) Jenny Kramer Decor 

If you are interested in knowing about more specific pieces, or if I left something out, just let me know!  I hope this has inspired you to go out antique hunting locally or online!  There are so many treasures to be found! 

Now... I'm going to go and read about all of the other One Room Challenge Rooms!  You should too!  Thank you to Linda at Calling It Home for putting on this twice a year challenge and letting guest designers take part along with the sponsored designers.  Thank you to House Beautiful Magazine for sponsoring the process and inspiring designers on the daily!   So much fun!!! 


One Room Challenge - guest participant - Week 6

Well, I must admit, I'm happy there was an extra week tacked on to this gig, the room is 90% complete, but, I think more time is always a good thing! It definitely relived my stress level and allowed me to relax my timeline a bit .  

Today our mural is going up.  It is from Anthropologie and it is intended to add some interest to a long wall.  

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 8.38.40 AM.png

It is taller than our ceilings, so the mural will be cut to size.  

I got another piece of art done for the cutout above the fireplace by artist S. Farrar from her
"Primary Poetry" series.  She used a local Greenville church window that is special to me as inspiration.  

See her first releases from this series here on her website, or visit her in person at The Metropolitan Arts Council Open Studios this weekend.  

I don't want to give too much away until the final post (next Thursday) so I will post little clips!  

I know it doesn't give much of an idea, but we all have to wait one more week for all of the reveals, I personally cannot wait to see everyone's rooms.  Follow along with the process of House Beautiful's   and the Calling It Home  One Room Challenge here.

Thanks for reading!



One Room Challenge- Guest Participant - Week 5

A week of Stress, Successes and Setbacks... 

(note:  ORC & Calling It Home is giving one extra week this time due to the vast amount of shipment setbacks in the industry due to the hurricanes and other inclement weather... Thankful for that!). 


I picked the paint, and despite crazy looks from others, and lots of "you really should just do a white ceiling" I pulled the trigger and painted it ALL high gloss Tiffany's Blue. Now I am so glad I did, but I have to say... when the painters were in there with the room taped up, and I began to see a blue glow spill from the room, I was seriously doubting my choice.  I was second guessing, pacing and really full of self doubt.  All that negative self talk was filling my head... "You aren't good at this.", "Why did you go against other's advise?", "Why did you think this was a good idea?"  I convinced myself it was a flop and I was going to have to pay to redo the color.  I finally peaked in the room after the first coat, and I was thrilled.  All that worry for nothing.  It's how I roll, why not stress yourself out for no reason.  (sigh...)



A number of great things happened this week.  I went to see David at Laurel Creek Custom Framing in Greenville.  What a TREASURE he and his shop are! He is crazy talented, and most people that take in their art simply tell him to "do his magic" and they are always pleased with the outcome.  If you don't know about David, well... you have been missing out!  I had a crazy idea for how I wanted to frame my Kelly O'Neal painting, and he obliged and was 100% on board to help me make my vision come to life.  I'm so tempted to share the final work, but I am going to make y'all wait... it's THAT good!  

I also contacted another artist, Sarah Farrar Fine Art, about doing a custom work for over my new mantle. I knew that she would be open to doing something out of her comfort zone, and she's really easy to work with for custom pieces.  She did not hesitate and I can't wait to see what she comes up with!   Hint:  Graphic and Colorful! 

The Rug came in and I'm happy with it.  It's not overwhelming, but it serves its purpose well.  

I found "my lamps"!  I always visit The Lamp Lady Atlanta when at Scotts Antique Market, High Point or Atlanta Market.  She has a huge collection of amazing collectible antique and vintage lighting and she rocks.  Her website is full of treasures and I hit her up to swing by the shop on the way back from High Point with a pair I spotted.  I was beyond excited when she said yes!  

These lamps are one of my favorite elements in the room!  I love the drama!

These lamps are one of my favorite elements in the room!  I love the drama!

My footstools came back and I love the new slipcovers.  If you need slipcover work in Greenville, Soledad Moglia Creations is quick, reasonable, and delivers quality work! 



My custom drapes were supposed to ship out last week to me.  I contacted the workroom to get tracking info, and they didn't ship.  She said she would ship out the next day.  The next day I got a message saying the fabric had a flaw, which made it obvious, despite my ordering weeks prior, with an agreed upon delivery date and a confirmation of that date, she had not even started on them.  We rediscussed the timeline (thank goodness for that extra week) and are trying again.  These curtains really pull the room together, so I hope I can count on her to pull through.  

Overall....  A positive week full of color, cheer and good news!  

Follow all the other Calling It Home and House Beautiful One Room Challenge Participants HERE! I'm excited to be a guest participant.



One Room Challenge - guest participant - Week 4

It's week 4 and I am in the thick of it!  This is the moment where you are juggling all of the big, major elements of the room, but the little details are also starting to tug at you, as well.  I'm in the middle of two client projects as well, and I've had to focus a good bit of time on those lovely homes.  Clients are top priority! 

Quick Update:  

  • Upholstery is on track.  I have these funky wing chairs that I have been hoarding for the right project, and I took them to the upholsterer, had them stripped so that I can paint the wood portions (GREEK KEY ARMS, Y'ALL!) and then they will finish them up.  I had a pair of stools slipcovered and they have been returned.  All systems ago, there.  
  • Paint:  literally chosen about 5 minutes ago.  I'm going bold, and am using a bright new color. I'm excited to have some cheer in my life.  
Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 8.01.24 AM.png
  • The top color is the winner.  Based on the other colors in the room, the one with more blue was needed, the bottom was reading a little too green.  The top is Benjamin Moore Chesapeake Blue, and the bottom is Benjamin Moore's Majestic Blue.  
  • Book collecting:  I love to use bright books on my shelves. I have a new (very old) secretary.  I like to collect books with bright spines, but also ones that we would actually like to read... as we are readers in our house.  

Rug Delima:  

I have been fretting over a rug for the space.  Obviously, durability, with kids and a dog are top priority.  I struggle with wanting something really nice ($$$$) vs. the reality that said kids and dog will likely do a number on whatever I buy.  This is not just for a pretty picture (I have to remind myself).  Size is an issue.  The space is big, and therefore the rug has to be big, which in turn means more money.  Bigger rugs (10x14, in this case) can carry hefty price tags, despite their quality sometimes, simply because of the size.  I ruled out a really nice oriental, which was my first choice.  I just can't swallow the price tag right now, and that-is-that.  I can't do my usual sisal with a smaller oriental layered because of my dog.  Here are my options: 

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 7.43.03 AM.png

1)  Pinwheel patterned tiles by Flor.  What's great is that these are durable tiles that piece together to create a larger rug.  I have used them before and they are super fun, durable and versatile.  They offer a variety of price ranges, and in my price range and style, this is the option.  I am a bit weary of the super bold pattern, because frankly, I don't want the rug to be the main focus and with this bold one, I'm thinking it would be.  It has the durability down, but the aesthetic is questionable.... price is highest of all I'm considering, by about 4 times.  


2). The good ole IKEA rug.  You've likely seen it before, as it is so versatile and, let's face it, cheap.  I have to say that cheap really appeals to me here, as I know my kids and rugs.  I can be as durable as airplane upholstery, and somehow my brood can ruin it, immediately..  Dirty little things.  Anyway, price and style win on this one, but it's a flat weave, which can wrinkle and slip. It also catches dirt and might be hard to keep looking clean.  


3.) Wayfair has an option that is similar to the IKEA one above, but it is bigger (which I need). They will ship it to my door,  and it's not a flat weave, like the IKEA one.  Those are positives.  It is not a bold black and white, and has more of a faded look to it, which I'm not crazy about.  It is more black/gray with off white.  I've read reviews and it gets great ones.  People seem to love it, and I think this one is going to be my choice.  I think it will wear better than the IKEA one, and its size is right.  All roads lead to this rug. 

UP NEXT: I should pick up art from framer next week, curtains come in this week.  Pillows are on their way, and I'm still deciding about finishing touches.  

Don't forget to check out all of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE posts happening on House Beautiful's  and Calling It Home's websites and feeds.  Check them all out HERE.

Proud (and maybe a little crazy) to be a Guest Participant! 

Proud (and maybe a little crazy) to be a Guest Participant! 

Until next week... 



One Room Challenge- Guest Participant - Week 3

This week was a hectic one for the ORC because I was at High Point most of the week. (To catch up to this point, read Week 1 and Week 2 for prior news.) While at market, I did find a big piece of artwork that is now going to be a part of my room- one of the parts I am now most excited about.  We'll just start right there... 

One of my favorite showrooms at High Point is Design Legacy.  It is always full of inspiring color, pattern and a funky, energetic vibe.  I LOVE it.  It's always top of my list.  Artist, and brain child behind Design Legacy,  Kelly O'Neal always has stacks of his ready to stretch paintings on hand, and you can grab and go.  I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this piece, and I knew it was right for the  ORC space.  I'm going to try to mount it on fabric, and see how it goes.  I'm only giving a peek of it, and I'll share the whole thing at the reveal.  


While I was away, Jackson, of Brees Mantles was busy finishing up our mantle surround.  Let me just tell you this company is top notch.  They were attentive, punctual, detailed and skilled.  I would not think of using anyone else for this type of work.  It's hard to find this kind of work ethic anymore, but they are a shining example of how it should be done!  Here is a picture of the mantle surround unfinished.  Paint will begin soon... as soon as I pick a color!  


Trucking right along... Lighting.  My budget for lighting was small, and therefore I have some small lights coming in.  Seriously though, I didn't want the lighting to be the focus in here.  We have low ceilings and I'd prefer visitors not be drawn to that fact upon entering.  I opted for some hand made pieces off ETSY. When people do take note of the fixtures though, they will note they are pretty darn cool.  They are by Mod Creations.  Many of my fixtures in this house are made by artisans, and I wanted to keep it up.  Knowing someone put in time and effort to make the lighting just makes it better.  I'm using a pair of brass mid-century style lights that will give a bit of a modern touch to the room.  


Still to do: 

Rug - find

Paint - pick, and then paint

Mural - install

Furniture - pick up from upholsterer 

art - get framed 

Check out all of the other House Beautiful's One Room Challenge Participants on the Calling It Home blog, and see how much further along they are than I am ;). 

Proud to be a Guest Participant: 



Until Next Week...



One Room Challenge - Fall '17 - Guest Participant - Week 2

Week Two???? Seriously... out of how many?  YIKES! 


Seriously, though.  I've gotten much more accomplished than I honestly thought I would.  I had a busy work week + kids out on fall break so we took a mini-vacay + early morning arrival at (YIPPEE!) High Point!!!  Other than that... things have just been chill.  

Here's what IS happening:  

I've placed some orders for items, sourced some art, and decor. I have two possible furniture layouts:

 I've gotten fabric, taken pieces that need to be upholstered to the shop. Found some pieces that were recently covered, and I'm feeling good about the timeline in that regard. 


I sent my custom curtain order in and I cannot wait to see them! I also had a mantel company come out to discuss plans for a mantle surround and sketch some ideas.  Brees Mantels rocks...  They came out, and took the time to REALLY understand my wishes.  He listened, measured, asked questions, took notes.  I don't know if I've ever had a man listen to my ideas quite so well (and I'm FULL of ideas)!  He was patient and I felt he really picked up what I was puttin' down.  

Here's the current mantle situation: 


Here's what I'm going for.... (color to be determined): 

Photo pulled from The Green Room Interiors out of Tennessee... I love following her on INSTAGRAM

Photo pulled from The Green Room Interiors out of Tennessee... I love following her on INSTAGRAM

So, lots of balls in the air right now, but they will be landing soon!

Here's what's NOT happening that I've got to jump on:  

No paint color... I'm in Gray mode, and I'm not sure if it's still the right choice, I'd like to try something bold.  I lean towards the navy/peacock/green colors, but feel that I want something a bit unique.  Pondering this still... fretting about it slightly.

No Rug:  Thought I had one, but didn't... Had one, didn't fit... Found another, colors didn't work.  Back to the drawing board.

No lighting:.  (maybe here at market). Why doesn't someone come out with a GREAT line of flush-mounts or semi-flushmounts in all styles?  I mean, think of all the 8' ceilings in this country begging for new lights!  Someone jump on that... um'kay? 

I know I haven't given you many details about my over all color scheme and plan.  There is a reason... I'm letting the design organically emerge- mostly.  I want to create a room that is sincere, rather than overthought and too planned aesthetically.  I'm going with the "if you love it, try it", "surround yourself with things you love" approach here. I am collecting things I love in colors I love and I'm hoping that my inner design compass won't fail me.  I wouldn't go this route with a client usually, but since it's a space I live in, I feel it's possibly worth the risk.  If it flops, well then... you know... 

I'm just going to think positively for now, and say it will work.  

GULP!  Livin' on the Edge!  

Here is a collage of some of the things I'm using in the room, do you see a distinctive style emerging that I haven't recognized yet? Wondering how I'm going to possibly make these things work together?  Yep... me too! ;) 


Make sure to go over to Calling It Home and follow all the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE projects underway.  It's all sponsored by House Beautiful Magazine.  You can also search the hashtag #oneroomchallenge on Instagram. There is some insanely cool stuff happening!

Thanks for following along!!! 



Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.43.27 AM.png

If money were no object...

If money were no object, and the client game me full reign today... here is the look I'd grab using only items from

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 9.05.38 AM.png

Charming 18th century Venetian secretary

English Empire Style Center Table 

Maison Jansen Savonarola Chair

Italian Carved Wood & Iron Painted Sconces - A Pair

22" Mohair Velvet Pillows in Spa Blue - A Pair

Antique Gold Tole Planter

Vintage European Deconstructed Sofa

Classic Italian Modern Brass Chandelier With Glass Globes

Antique Pastel Books - Set of 14

Vintage Large Shell Brass Planter



A peek into my morning views

I love the morning (once the kids are gone to school, and I have coffee!) 

Outside, there was that predawn kind of clarity, where the momentum of living has not quite captured the day. The air was not filled with conversation or thought bubbles or laughter or sidelong glances. Everyone was sleeping, all of their ideas and hopes and hidden agendas entangled in the dream world, leaving this world clear and crisp and cold as a bottle of milk in the fridge.
— - Reif Larsen
Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 10.44.10 AM.png

This is one of my favorite little morning views... no noise.  Just quiet time and vanilla almond creamer.  

Happy Morning to you! 


Home Update - Adding Curb Appeal and Interior Updates

We were in a time crunch when we purchased our home.  We had x amount of days to be out of our previous home which sold, and the market was looking bleak.  We finally narrowed down where we wanted to live and looked at pretty much everything on the market, and nothing suited. Things quickly sold in this neighborhood and we sometimes couldn't see the house before it was under contract.  So, we realized, if we wanted to be in our top pick neighborhood, we might have to settle on the house, just to get the hood.  So, each day, we were alerted when a house hit the market in the top pick neighborhood.  We would try to get to see the house before everyone else did, and finally, after missing some, it happened!  (Thanks to our awesome Realtor, Marshall Jordan) We were the first showing, and that meant we at least had the opportunity to get into the neighborhood, which was rare.  So.... we decided, if we could handle it when we walked through, we would take it, despite what aesthetics may be.   This house met the major needs, and so we made an offer and got the house.  We were happy because 1) It was in the neighborhood we wanted 2) It had enough bedrooms and that was pretty much all we required at this juncture.  

First things to change were the interior colors and light fixtures (more details on interior updates in another post).  The interior was tan throughout, which my personal aesthetic didn't support.  My previous house was white throughout, and I loved that, but I wanted a bit of color, so I picked good ole reliable gray.  I had Sherwin Williams mix up a custom color that I love.  The ceiling was a tweak on a SW popular blue.  Doors and cabinets were colors by SW, as well.  We knew our next step would be changing the exterior color as well, and we again went with SW, again a custom.

Color Pallet: 






Looking to do something like this       outside near the front door.

Looking to do something like this       outside near the front door.

The exterior is still not complete.  We will be adding in finishing touches, adding awnings in specific places as well as a new deck with courtyard and some landscaping.  Interior is ever-changing because that's just who I am- nothing is guaranteed to stay inside this house for good, except a few of my favorite pieces and my family....if they choose to stick around!   

Man's Study

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This project is for a super fun couple who has a great space for a study.

This space is more for the husband, he will be using the space as both a home office and a gathering spot for the guys when they visit.  He has a collection of Grateful Dead collectible stamps we are hanging along with his guitars.  He's got a great bar space and comfortable leather chairs for lounging.  It's coming together!

Links to purchase the pieces listed in the design (or similar) are located on my polyvore page HERE.



Draper style

Draper Chest bedroom:

Draper style

These Draper dressers inspired this e-design.  This one is a selfish board, because it is for me!  I found a draper chest at a local antique shop (knock-off, but still) and I am planning our master bedroom around it.  I have a greek key mirror, as shown, and some lamps that are similar.  We have been thinking about changing the headboard fabric, see previous


.  I love the snow leopard print and have been thinking of using it for the headboard with the draper chest.  I was thrilled to see that World Market offers this headboard already made!  Hooray for not having to purchase fabric and coordinate getting my headboard re-covered.


is the link for the headboard.  (I do not receive affiliate commission).

pic from

Here is a picture that I love showing the draper chest that Domino published on Sally Wheat. You MUST read the whole article


. She's got MAD SKILLS.

 pic by domino

Can't or don't want to swing a draper chest, well, you can create your own using an IKEA chest and some elbow grease.  See the Ikea Hackers post about the process


.pic by ikeahackers

Same fabrics through the years...

Do you have bedding and curtains and so on that you just cannot afford to totally re-do?  Well, I do.  I have had this set for about 7 years.
Many of these fabrics have been around for a bit,  but they are still so relevant when used with newer pieces.  Brown and white is a combo that has been around in decorating and decor for hundreds of years.  The prints in these fabrics makes it fresh.   I think they have a few more years in them, and will easily be paired with the "it" color since they are neutrals.  Through the years, I have seen brown and white paired with aqua, pink, blue, lime green and is now being paired with oranges and hot pinks.  The trellis design is one that is pretty timeless, and I feel can be used a great deal longer.

Here is how we have updated this look through the years:
This was in 2010:

Much of this is the same, but for our newest home we tried to update it a bit...

Do you have a room you need to shake up?  I'm happy to help! 

~ Jenny


Virtaul or E-Design allows you to hire me to create or re-create a room for you from anywhere!  All you have to do is snap a picture for me of your space, provide your measurements and chat with me a bit about your ideas and the budget you have to make changes (no budget is too small).
After that, I create a design a design board for you, a room and furniture layout and a list of all the items you will purchase and place.  You will be provided links where you can easily purchase the items at your convenience.
It is just so simple!

This WHOLE process is for the extremely low
price of $150 complete!

All links are provided in one easy to follow
spreadsheet with clickable links for purchase.

A room sketch with exact furniture layout will be  included as well.


Don't know where to begin with updating your decor look?  Need help finding the pieces to pull a look together?  Have pieces you love, but feel unable to place them in the best arrangement?  Need help finding the right fabrics, paints, art or decor pieces?  Just don't have time to deal with it?

-  1+ hour Initial Consult:  $75
During this time I will come to your house and see what you have in mind.  We will chat about your favorite looks, colors, your overall design budget what you'd like to accomplish within that budget. After the initial consultation.
   From there, you can hire me to do the work for you  (design, purchase, and place) by the hour,  or, you can decide to implement the work yourself with one of my virtual e-designs which is created for a reasonable flat fee.

I make it easy for you, and am happy to work with any budget.

I'm looking forward to helping you!
email me:
or text/call: 251-454-6109